5 Best Amazing Website For Searching Google Keyword Ranking

It’s Necessary for every blogger to check their google search term keyword to target the high number of customers. most of the blogger and website administrations create an article and then publish without checking any targeting keywords at all. It takes 2-3 min to find a best keyword which they can use in our articles.

Keyword Rank Checker
5 Best Amazing Website For Searching Google Keywords Ranking

Most Important Think “Proper keyword selection is the one of the main factor for improving a better ranking in google search engine”

Every blogger keeps in mind using that keyword which user search the most especially those keywords which help your website to show on google search engine ranking which help of your website to show on google on the first few pages result on google result. if you use Proper seo then chances you post will show up on the top 50-page search result to improve your SEO u must improve your keywords so u can find which keyword is best for your post. this will improve your better ranking in google and other search engines.

Top 5 Useful Google position search term or position checker




5.Google Rank Checker


Semrush is the favorite tool of many bloggers because it’s is a complete pack of checking google search term keyword how can use Semrush You Can enter a URL in the top bar of the search term like website URL or your unique link and it will show your best ranking keywords in Google.

Semrush Tool
Semrush Tool

SEMrush support Google, as well as Bing Its, is professional software that can be use easy and you can try for 14 days free

How can use the position tracking tool of SEMrush

1. You can go the login account page of the SEMrush
2.Select position tracking under rank tracking

3. Click on the new position tracking (Top Right) & enter your domain name
4. Click on create Project and customize the setting as your requirement

How can Add Keywords for rank tracking simply You can add keywords in just 4 steps

1.Connect your search Console to the google webmaster
2. You can add manually Keywords
3. You can Enter the topmost keyword which SEMrush has shown in the top of the Keyword List From File(*.txt,.csv)

Semrush Too Url
Semrush Too Url

Overall SEMrush is the best tool for checking the position of the keywords in the search engine


If you are looking for a paid keyword position checler then AccuRanker is the best option.You can track keyword ranking in google search.



if you want to replace SEMrush than Ahrefs is the best choice they can track the ranking of your website as well as competitor website.



SERPWatcher is the latest addition which can track keyword position on your website and track keyword.


5. Google Rank Checker:

Google Rank Checker is an excellent tool for new users or beginners it’s a free tool which can track the keywords positioning in google search engine.

Keyword Rank Checker
Keyword Rank Checker


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