Top 4 Reason To Grow Your Muscle Rapidly And Much Strong

We are Talking about the why u r not adding Muscle. you should focus on how much u have a weight and how much u r lifting weight on the Gym It’s is very important because when u lifting weight ,u r tearing down your muscle. if u want to a see a gain on your body then u can help the muscles to recover from the work you do in the gym.

Body Building

Body Building

How can Recovery of your Body


Recovery can come in many forms but my experience there are three best option to recover and everyone should try to this not for the gainig musceles and improving your health and general body.


It’s is the most important thing nutrition because nutrition is fuel of the body what u eat before the gym and after the gym because they show how much you can perform on the gym. if your food is not nutrients then the body or musceles will not grow and you feel like crap.if u eat a nutrients food then ur body and muscles will strong and grown fast.

2. Mobility

Mobility isn’t for only yoga people. every people can take benifit from the Mobility. because mobility is imp factor in the gainning muscels because if u lift weight and not paying attention on the lifting then u r also resposible for injury. if you can add mobility with your work then ur body will recover from training and improvement in the body,muscles Strength.

3. Sleeping

Sleeping is the most important factor in the body when ur gainning muscels or improving ur can’nt cheat your sleep because if ur sleep will not complete 7-8 hrs then your workout will done properly and you feel very tired if you are concinouis about your sleeping then u can perform good workout in the gym. lack of sleep will increse the
cortisol level whicg may lead to the increase the body fat but not ganing muscle




2.You Should focus on the building rather than making the testing how much u are strong.

When u start the Gym Firstly u can leave the ego aside because ego will destroy your body and ego will not making your body. Most of the people think they are so strong and they lift more &more weight but they are failing when they lifting in sets and bad effect on body and muscles.most of the people check how much i strong and they add more weight on the bar but they can’nt complete their sets &reps.

Most important thing workout will not competiton it’s a Building block so i suggested you to treat your workout like a building block that work together and to achieve a goal. after some time you will add muscles and much stronger.



If u want to do that than u consider the volume in your training plan because volume is the total amount of weight which u can lift over the course. it’s not necessary to gain more weight to bring max gains .so volume is the key factor and excellent option.

Everyone loves doing push-downs, bar curls, and lat pull-downs, and I’m no different. It’s also true that a large portion of the gym population focuses heavily on isolation movements while neglecting the compound lifts.

If you want to Make muscles then your goal is only Muscles and then think of the workout which is better for making the muscles they have three courses meal.

1. appetizer is the warm-up
2. Compound lifts
3. Dessert is the isolation exercises

Compound exercises not only add muscle but will make you stronger.the stronger you are the more fibre you can engage.. The more muscles you engage in a movement—whether it’s a compound lift or an isolation move—the more weight you can handle, and the more weight you can handle, the more your muscles are going to grow.

You can’nt stronger by doing curls if you want to make a muscles you can a basic
foundation and curls.

4.Exercise variety is a key factor in building muscle. you can add another variety in a workout only change order not change excercise. if u start with leg day with squats, you can try or doing start chest with bench process . this will show effect on muscle and grown rapidily and show effect on all th body.

Woman In Gym Preparing To Lift Weights

Woman In Gym Preparing To Lift Weights

4 step Taken by Body Builder

1 You can take a good nutrition after the gym or before the gym ,mobility work and Sleeping because Sleep is most important part of the every body builder.

2. You can focus on your workout and to made a goal but not lifting heavy weight to show the how strong u r, u can lift weight which u can complete the sets or recps

3. Compound lifts and Isolation Excersice are improve the main lifts

4. You can make neyw ways to strong your muscle and add variet in your excersice