Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger



Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger

 Health Benefits Of Ginger


1. If someone has diarrhea, drinking one teaspoon of ginger juice in half a cup of hot water, it is very beneficial in the disease of diarrhea.

2. Make a powder by adding Dry ginger, asafoetida and rock salt, taking this powder with hot water gives relief in stomachache.

3. If anyone does not feel hungry, then eating a little salt on ginger begins to feel hungry. Digestion starts improving and relaxes in gas and constipation.

4. Sucking small pieces of fresh ginger gives relief in repeated hiccups.

5. With the addition of fresh ginger juice, lemon juice and rock salt, drinking it before and after eating, the problem of indigestion is overcome, digestion power starts increasing.

6. If there is a pain in the ribs, then boil a little dry ginger in water and filter it,
drinking this water gives lot of relief in the pain of the rib.

7. Taking ginger juice and honey together cures cough and colds.

8. If the gum blades or pain in the teeth, then taking a pinch of dry ginger with water gives relief in this problem. If the toothache is due to winter, putting salt on ginger, holding a piece of ginger on the right side of the tooth for a while gives a lot of relief in the pain of the tooth.

9. If someone is suffering from arthritis, mixing one spoon of ginger juice and half teaspoon desi ghee together, it provides relief in the problem of arthritis.

10. Mixing ginger juice with hot water gives Gargle relief in the mouth’s deodorant.

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