Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of Honey 2017

 HoneyTop 10 Amazing Benefits Of Honey 2017Top 10 Amazing Benefits Of Honey


1. If anyone has a complaint of cough, then he should eat honey, lick 12 grams of honey
three times a day, the cough gets out and cough gets cured.

2. If someone has constipation, then take 50 grams honey with fresh water or milk and drink it before sleeping at night and get relief in constipation.

3. By using honey, the body fatigue is removed.

4. Licking 2 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons of onion juice stops hiccup.

5. If someone’s voice is malfunctioning, then adding a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm
water will make the sound cure.

6. Honey gives strength to the heart and the heart remains always healthy. By eating honey, heart diseases can be avoided.

7. If someone is troubled due to obesity, then he should drink honey in hot water for a few days to reduce obesity.

8. If a person is thin, taking honey in milk is beneficial to increase obesity.

9. If small children urinate on bed by sleeping at night, then one spoon of honey should be given before bedtime.

10. Applying lemon, honey, gram flour and sesame oil on face, skin and whole skin gives skin strength.

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