Top 10 Home Remedies From Green Chilli

Green ChilliTop 10 Home Remedies From Green Chilli

10 Home Remedies From Green Chilli


1. Vitamin A, B1, C in green chillies is found in sufficient quantity. Vitamins C found in this are helpful in strengthening bones and teeth.

2. Eating green chillies causes shine in the face skin and the skin starts appearing beautifully.

3. There is no calorie in green chillies at all. Metabolism works very fast for up to 3 hours of consuming it.

4. Green chillies are rich in antioxidants. Which protects the body from free radicals. It can also be prevented from troubles like prostate.

5. Green chillies contain capsicin which makes its taste intensified. It cools the hypothalamus present in the brain and reduces body temperature.

6. Eating green chillies produces heat in the body which acts as an effective painkiller, repairing digestion and acting as anti-ulcer.

7. By consuming green chillies, blood pressure remains in control.

8. Eating green chillies consistently reduces the risk of lung cancer.

9. Green chillies protect men from prostate cancer. One study found that the use of green chillies causes the problem of prostate cancer to become extremely fine.

10. A substantial amount of iron is found in green chillies. Therefore, men and women who have low iron should include green chillies with their meals daily.

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