Top 10 Home Remedies For Vomiting

 VomitingTop 10 Home Remedies For Vomiting

Top 10 Home Remedies


1. If vomiting is occurring repeatedly, grind green coriander and squeeze the water.Feeding 5 spoons repeatedly, the vomit stops. Pregnant ladys also get relief in vomiting.

2. If a pregnant woman has a vomiting problem, drinking the roasted gram sattu is beneficial.

3. If the pregnant lady is more prone to dizziness or vomiting, then in such a situation, boil the coriander in water and mixing it with sugar candy gives a lot of benefit.

4. Drinking ginger juice and onion juice gives relief in vomiting.

5. It is very beneficial to use lemon if it is exhausted. Sipping sugar and black pepper by sucking lemon juice also fixes the problem of vomiting.

6. If there is a problem of vomiting, diarrhea, cholera, then taking half a cup of mint juice twice a day is beneficial.

7. If the problem of vomiting is high, then sucking ice is beneficial.

8. If the vomiting is happening continuously, apply rye on the stomach, there is lot of benefit in the problem of vomiting.

9. During the trip, it is very beneficial to eat orange in the problem of vomiting.

10. Should not drink cold water immediately after the vomit. Heat the water lightly and mix it with salt and black pepper, make GARGLE, it tastes the mouth and gives relief in vomiting.

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