Top 10 Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

 NutmegTop 10 Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

Health Benefits Of Nutmeg


1. Grind nutmeg with water in the sesame oil and heat it when the oil is heated properly, massage it on the waist by cooling it a bit, gives relief in the pain of the waist.

2. The nutritious nutrient is heated, it removes mucus and cough.

3. Rubbing the nutmeg in the milk, the black spots and acne of the cheeks are cured, the color of the face becomes clear.

4. Applying on the forehead is beneficial if there is a headache due to cold.

5. Rubbing the nutmeg in water and drink it regularly 3 times and provides relief in diarrhea.

6. Grind 1 nutmeg by mixing it with jaggery and make a small pill, if it is indigestible, it is beneficial to feed 1 tablet for half an hour.

7. 10 nutmeg buttermilk in ghee till it becomes dry and then grind them and filter it in a sieve. Now add 2 cups of wheat flour and put it in ghee and compress it again and after adding it, add some sugar and prepare the mixture. Take this mixture empty stomach 1 teaspoon daily in the morning and get benefit in piles.

8. Nutmeg is rubbed in the juice of lemon and licking it cleanses the diarrhea, the problem of gas is cured, constipation is also fine.

9. Mix nutmeg powder with water or honey and make a paste and put it on the face, then the face becomes very clean and starts to shine. The stains caused by the pimples are also clear.

10. If you have a memory problem, start consuming nutmeg, it will give great benefit to the problem of memory.


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