Top 10 Home Remedies For Swine Flu

 Swine Flu


Symptoms of swine flu early limb is similar to normal flu. However, these symptoms may come to know it is swine flu. The main symptoms of swine flu, with high fever, weakness, head pain, vomiting, diarrhea, neck stretching, may cough. Influenza type A viruses of the H1N1 is a main cause of swine flu disease. It spreads very quickly from person to.Top 10 Home Remedies For Swine Flu

Top 10 Home Remedies


1. Neem, Giloy, pepper and dry ginger to boil them in water. When half the water remains mildly hot drink in the morning on an empty stomach to take some time to get comfortable in swine flu.

2. Chew 10 leaves of basil in the morning on an empty stomach flu can be avoided.

3. Drink milk mixed with turmeric on swine flu is thought to be very beneficial.

4. If swine flu becomes tinospora decoction of relief in this disease.

5. Juice of neem leaves to take on an empty stomach you can avoid swine flu infection.

6. Citrus limetta and orange juice take 2 times a day helps increase the body’s immunity.

7. Ginger, black pepper and basil tea also provides relief in this disease.

8. Only basil tea is also very comfortable in this disease.

9. If the problem of swine flu happen should drink pure water, drink more and more water from the dehydration problem does not remain.

10. Vitamin C is found in large amounts in Amla. Amla juice is very beneficial in this disease.

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