Kcal: Fat Saturates Carbs Sugar Fibre Protein Salt
600: 34g 16g 40g 7g 4g 38g 1.15g

1.We need a large Saucepan and we can heat a 1tbsp olive oil on the pan and fry 1¼ kg beef mince until they can change colour in brown shade.

Cottage Pie 1

Cottage Pie 1

2.After Brown shade we add 2 tbsp olive oil in the pan and we add some 2 chopped onions 3 chopping carrots Celery sticks (ajavain) and cook on medium heat until when they can be soft only 20 min to cook on medium heat.

3.After 20 min We add 2 Garlic cloves 3 tbsp palin flour (maida) and Add one 1tbsp Tomato puree, increase the heat and cook about 20 min and after you can turn the beef into pan.


4. If u can use a red wine then u can add for better flavour, otherwise u can add 850 ml beef stock(broth) Broth is a savory liquid made of water in which bones, meat, or vegetables have been simmered. and add 4 tbsp Worcestershire sauce and add 2 BAy leaf(kadi patta ).

Cottage Pie 2

Cottage Pie 2

5. After adding bay leaf you can change medium gas to simm gas and cook about 45 min uncoverd. in this time the gravy should be thick and coating the mea. after 30 min u can check the gray a lot of liquid remains u can change a gas heat sim to high because a lot of gray will remain so we can reduce the water into the gray we can increase the heat. when a little gravy will remain then u can discard the bay leafs.

6. In B/w we Mesh it. In A large Saucepan 1.8 kg of of Patotes which we can cut and peeled and we bring a water to boil and add a salt in water and add patotes in it in the simmer gas.

7.After Some Time you leave for draining the Patotes in a steam.and after u need a milk of 225 ml, 25 gm Butter and three- quaters of the 200 gm cheese and add some salt and peeper.

Cottage Pie, Shepherd's Pie, English Cuisine

Cottage Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, English Cuisine

8.You can add Cheese on the Meat to a good flavou so ,you can sprinke cheese on the meat.

9.If u have a heat oven and u can chnge temperature 200C to 220C until when the topping of the meat is not Gold.

10.If u have Gas then u cook for 25-30 min on a high gas until when the topping of the meat is not Gold